The latest stream gauge reading from the USGS came in at 1:30 this afternoon

(Friday, May 28) at 3,920 cubic feet per second. With the Animas teetering on 4,000 cfs,

everyone’s eyes are big in Durango! She’s running muddy, and, for the locals, when the

river’s color turns to brown, there’s not a better week of the year!

Big water is in the air, the temp has risen to 90 degrees, and all the creeks are running.

Now’s the time to book your trip if you’re up for the BIG whitewater.

You can follow the Animas River stream flow yourself directly from our homepage. Click

on “FUN STUFF, ” then “LINKS,” and choose the reading you’re interested in. The Silverton

reading is taken at the Upper Animas put-in, the Tall Timer Resort reading is near the

bottom end of the Upper, and Durango’s reading is what we’re boating on for our daily

trips. Follow along. Anything over 3,000 cfs in town means the river is big everywhere.

4,000 and rising!