Upper “A” Maps

Usually rafted as a two day at average flows, but can be done in one long epic 24 mile day
Start(s) in Silverton, or the train stop at Needleton or Cascade
Any Train Stop can be a point to have gear shipped in or out
Silverton Stretch = 12 miles to Needleton, elevation drops 1,033ft
Needleton Stretch = 12 miles to Tacoma Power Plant, elevation drops 980ft
Rockwood Box Gorge = 3 miles to Last Chance Eddy, elevation drops 180ft
1 Day Upper Animas Silverton Stretch Class IV-V
1 Day Upper Animas Needleton Stretch Class III-IV
1 Day Upper Animas Rockwood Stretch Class IV
1 Day Piedra River Class III or IV Trips
2 Day trip combines Silverton & Needleton Stretches
3 Day trip combines Silverton & Needleton Stretches with a day in paradise
Silverton R.A.P.          9,233ft    mm495      Beginning of Silverton Stretch
Snow Shed Rapid      9,150ft    mm492.5    Class III-IV read and run
Molas Trail Bridge     8,820ft    mm491.2    Elk Park, Hwy 550 is 5mi W, gain 3,500ft
10mile Rapid             8,780ft    mm487.9    Class IV-V mile 7
New Slide Rapid        8,516ft    mm485.2    Class Changing all the time
No Name Rapid        8,476ft    mm485.7    Class V consequences mile 10ish
Needleton Bridge      8,200ft    mm483.3    Beginning of Needleton Stretch Train stop


Needleton Bridge      8,200ft    mm483.3    Beginning of Needleton Stretch Train stop
Broken Bridge Rapid  8,100ft    mm481.7    Class IV natural featured rapid
Cascade Bridge         7,696ft    mm477.5    3 mile hike W, gain 1,000ft to reach Hwy 550
Spector Rapid           7,462ft    mm474.7    Class III
Tacoma Power Plant  7,280      mm472.1    Train stop Beginning of Rockwood
Last Chance              7,100ft    mm469.2     Takeout, Hike 1.5 mile, 200 vertical feet

Past this point it is unraftable