Tours & Money Saving Packages

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Mountain Waters Rafting Tours & Packages

There is so much to do in Durango and we are here to help you get it done! We are happy to customize any package or combo for you. Just give us a call to break up the trips over multiple days or to find out about alternative trip times!

Durango Train Tickets, Raft & Rail Combo

We are proud to have been chosen by the Historic Durango & Silverton Railroad to provide their Raft & Rail Combo. Step back into time and ride the authentic 1882 narrow gauge steam train. In Silverton you will have time to lunch and explore this one of a kind mining town. While traveling the scenic Million Dollar San Juan Skyway you will learn history of the area and stop for a scenic photo on the routes highest mountain pass. While in Durango you will enjoy our classic family friendly raft trip on the Animas River.
MWR Tip: raft in the morning to avoid afternoon summer rains (monsoons).
Prices: Package $184/$144

4×4 Tours and Packages

Our half day La Plata Canyon historic/scenic tour starts just 15 miles from downtown Durango and reaches the incomparable view from Kennebec Pass at 12,000 feet. Back in Durango you will enjoy our popular family friendly half day Animas River Trip that has been described as the highlight of the family vacation.
MWR Tip: dress for everything; heat, rain or snow can happen all summer at 12,000ft.
Prices: Package $131/$104 or 4hr 4×4 $85/$65, 4hr Raft $61/$51

Bicycle Rentals and Packages

Ride a bicycle along Durango’s traffic free Animas River Trail. Visit the fish hatchery, the Powerhouse Science Center, Durango Recreation Center, award winning library, play mini-golf and more! Our office is literally 200 feet from the 7 mile trail and includes free/secure parking, restrooms and more. Paired with our popular family friendly half day Animas River Trip described on tripadvisor as Durango’s best value.
MWR Tip: take a couple hours to bike and enjoy the parks, amenities, breweries and 180 restaurants of Durango.
Prices: Package $77/$68 or 2hr Bicycle Rental $25/person, 4hr Raft $61/$51

Zip Line Tours and Packages

Float down the river and float through the trees all within minutes of downtown Durango! Choose from a 6 or 12 span zip line tour through the Ponderosa Forest paired with our popular raft adventure, the half day Animas River Trip through Durango.
MWR Tip: choose the 12 span zip tour for just $50 more to enjoy twice as many as well as the fastest and longest spans.
Prices: 12 Span Package $234/$225 or Zip $199/person, 4hr Raft $61/$51
Prices: 6 Span Package $189/$180 or Zip $149/person, 4hr Raft $61/$51

Rock Climbing and Packages

Anyone can do it and the X-rock climbing area is just minutes north of downtown Durango. Suitable for all ages and tailored to your ability! This trip is also paired with the half day Animas River Trip through Durango.
MWR Tip: rock climbing is far more fun and manageable than you think when done with a guide.
Prices: Package $117/$108 or Rock Climb $69/person, 4hr Raft $61/$51

Animas Family Raft Trips
The half day raft trip through Durango, Colorado is our most popular Class II-III adventure. Perfect for all members of the family and our trips run daily from May 1st into September. We also have a 2 hour economy trip and a 6 hour full day trip.

Inflatable Kayak
Ramp up your level of adventure by upgrading your Lower Animas River Trip with an Inflatable Kayak. More Fun – More Challenge – More Adventure! At moderate to lower summer time water levels you will find yourself enjoying the challenge of piloting your own craft down the river with our Half Day or Economy Trip.

Upper Animas Class V Silverton, Class IV Needleton or Class IV Rockwood Box Trips
The trip of a lifetime! “Not too difficult, but difficult in places; long, but short enough to run in a day; wilderness, yet paralleled by the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad; the Upper Animas flows through the heart of the majestic San Juan Mountains. Overnights are common on this run just to prolong one’s immersion in the beautiful country. Enjoy the river: play it, work it, do a side hike up into the mountains surrounding it.” Our reservation specialists can help you choose the right trip for you from 1 to 3 days.

Piedra River Raft Trips
The Piedra has two distinct sections known as the Upper Piedra Box Class II – III+ and the Lower Piedra Box Class IV. The Upper Box is appropriate for adventurous families who want more than the Animas through Durango. The Lower Box is bucket list quality for the avid rafter. This is a truly gorgeous river which usually runs in May.

Weminuche Wilderness Camp @ Needleton on the Upper Animas
Located at the gateway to the Weminuche Wilderness near the Needleton train stop on the Upper Animas! Kayak, raft, fish, hike, mountaineer, backcountry ski, or just relax in paradise!
MWR Tip: Train your gear in and hike or float to our camp unencumbered.
Prices: $400/night/20people, $150/night/MWR camp attendant required for every 10 people