Experience the power and glory of Durango’s Animas River and Whitewater Park at high flows

The Class IV Quarter Day Raft Trip is for those seeking big thrills on the river during Spring run-off. This trip has risks associated with Class IV whitewater rafting and is not appropriate for everyone. Please read through all the information and restrictions on this page before reserving! The Family Friendly Beginner-Intermediate Class II-III section we are also running is an outstanding, fun, and splashy alternative that everyone can enjoy.

This trip option is only available during high water, typically mid-May – Late June

Class IV Quarter Day Raft Trip Info

  • 2 hours door-to-door, ~1 hour on the river
  • $59/person
  • Minimum age is 15 years old
  • Not recommended for those who are not physically fit, senior citizens, or anyone with serious medical conditions
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to departure
  • 4 departure times at 8:30, 11:00, 1:30 and 4:00
  • Return times are 10:30, 1:00, 3:30 and 6:00
  • Helmets and wetsuits are required and provided free of charge
  • You will be required to read and sign an additional form
  • Paddling and full participation is required throughout the trip
  • Participation in Class IV whitewater rafting has inherent risks, read more below
  • We also offer a Family Friendly Class II-III Trip with fun and splashy whitewater that everyone can enjoy!
  • Mountain Waters Rafting may switch the trip or your group to the Family Friendly Class II-III section if we deem it appropriate at anytime. In that case, the cost difference will be refunded.
  • Quick-drying clothes: shorts, t-shirt, windbreaker
  • Footwear that stays on, no flip-flops
  • Bring sunscreen and bottled water


The Animas River is a free flowing river and the water levels are directly related to the amount of snow or rain in the river basin. In the spring when the snow melts the river levels increase substantially which changes the size and nature of river features, the speed and strength of river currents, and classification of some rapids. It is spring and the river is running at a high flow.

The Whitewater Park in Durango contains man-made and natural features which, at high flows, create a long and challenging Class IV rapid. Other sections and rapids on this trip are Class II-III but still present many inherent risks. THE WHITEWATER PARK SECTION IS A CLASS IV RAPID.

Class IV Definition: Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and holes or constricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure. A fast, reliable eddy turn may be needed to initiate maneuvers, scout rapids, or rest. Rapids may require “must” moves above dangerous hazards. Scouting may be necessary the first time down. Risk of injury to swimmers is moderate to high, and water conditions may make self-rescue difficult.

The probability of falling out of the raft, swimming, or the raft flipping over is higher than at lower flows
The water is very cold and the current is very strong which makes for a more challenging environment to swim in and self-rescue
You absolutely can choose to not go through Whitewater Park mid-trip
If you have any hesitations about participating in this Class IV river trip we strongly encourage you to switch to a Class II-III trip
You will be required to wear a helmet, wetsuit, and appropriate footwear throughout the entire trip
Mountain Waters Rafting conducts these trips in a similar way to all our other Class IV adventures. Our guides are experienced and well trained, our equipment is top notch, and your experience will be world class!

Family Friendly Class II-III Trip!

The section on the Animas River below the Whitewater Park provides a fun and splashy Class II-III adventure. This trip is appropriate for most groups including those with kids or anyone looking for a fun high water river experience without the additional risks involved in Class IV rapids.